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About Us.

Here at The Belgian Life we are dedicated to selecting for you the best beer that Belgium’s finest brewers have to offer.

Our connections with Belgium date back four generations when Alex’s Grandma was evacuated during World War I to the Fylde Coast, this being an area similar to Ostend from where she originated.  She met her sweetheart and they were married.  All her brothers and sisters that had been evacuated with her returned to Belgium when peace was restored and since then the family have always kept in touch.  Alex is the third generation and now her children go over and meet up with their cousins, the family continues to stay close.

Regular trips over the last 50 plus years has nurtured the love of Belgium, its people, its food, and its beer!

So when legislation in Belgium recently deemed that they could no longer export beer to the consumer in the UK it seemed a good time to embark on a mission to get the UK drinking Belgian beers as well as restore the supply to those that had previously been able to order direct from Belgium.  Hopefully, in time, other products will follow.  It’s not so easy up here in the North to just hop over The Channel to stock up, so hopefully we can bring that little bit of Belgium to you direct!

We’re based in the South Fylde area so we can offer beer tasting evenings locally, from 6 people upwards, in addition to our main business which is the nationwide online subscription service.  We are also able to offer gifts, both corporate and personal, and if you’re planning a party we can deliver crates of Belgian beers locally too.  Check out our other pages for more details or give us a call, we don’t bite…much!

We’re going to be attending Food Festivals, Farmers Markets and various other events throughout the Fylde, Wyre, Preston and Lancaster areas over the coming months so keep a lookout for us and come and say hello – you never know, we may have a free sample on offer too!